Here’s where the story starts…

In the past I’ve dabbled with blogging but then I’ve waned, not being entirely sure what to write about or who for. So I’ve decided to just write for me, and to share pictures of what I love.

Let’s set the scene.

When I was a child I used to read Enid Blyton books and dream of living in a cottage full of character and charm, with honeysuckle growing over the door. Over 15 years ago, that dream came true. l left a toxic relationship and all my belongings, to embrace a new phase in my life. I also turned my back on a successful career in Health and Care, not knowing where my career would take me next.

Over time my passion for wonky walls, imperfect interiors, and rustic style has flourished. Thankfully, my style and preference for timeworn, imperfect, natural and simple, design complements the style of the cottage so I don’t feel hard done by when I don’t buy everything new. Where possible I buy reclaimed, restored, recycled, or built to last, and I champion UK brands that care about the environment.

Stepping off the career ladder has enabled me to unleash my creative side and over time people have come to hear me speak and attended my workshops, which have helped them transform their lives. I’ve had the joy and privilege of impacting thousands of people along the way. Now many of them are helping thousands of others find the peace and happiness they’ve been searching for.

So back to this blog. What’s it all about?

A couple of years ago, whilst I was out walking the dogs, not aware of much beyond my day to day life, and I saw clearly for the first time, that I was part of this beautiful natural world. With every step I felt I was ‘of the earth‘. In that moment I realised that if everyone took the time to experience nature, we would appreciate it more, treat it with greater care, and cultivate a desire to do less harm. I believe if we could see our planet with other eyes, we would make more considered choices about what we buy, the businesses we buy from, and how we choose to live. I hope my posts, and pictures can contribute to create this realisation.

Big love, Angela x

Published by Angela Watson

I write, talk, and have heartfelt conversations on the vulnerable path to insightful transformation, supporting the planet in remembering who we are and how to listen.

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